$17.99. Whatever lube you decide to use, keeping your chain as clean as possible is vital to getting respectable life and efficiency from it. “If a green degreaser is formulated correctly, it can be just as effective at removing factory grease as traditional solvents. According to Kerin, each re-wax will introduce a small amount of contamination into your wax pot. “If a lubricant is eating through hardened steel at a good rate, that just flat-out takes friction.”. Your chain is now ready to install on the bike. If buying a pre-treated chain from the likes of CeramicSpeed or Zero Friction Cycling, then the chain will be ready to race immediately. Failing that, try to keep your slow cooker under 4 L to ensure a bag of wax will provide enough depth to cover a chain. Are there any drip lube products that can compete with wax? My chain went very stiff after waxing, what’s up with that? How clean must the chain be prior to waxing? This means wear rates are not linear. According to Smith: “the solid wax and liquid oil will combine to create a paste-y concoction. A cheap slow cooker is a perfect tool for this, as covered later on. So the green solvent blend we use is so powerful that we use it in-house to strip grease. This lube is perfect for riders who live in dry, dusty conditions! If you’re caught in a solid wet or mucky ride, then your wax will thank you for cleaning the chain prior to re-waxing. Learn how to wax your bicycle chain. Paraphrasing Kerin, Smoove is quite similar to another South African wax-based lub, Squirt. My waxed chain looks dirty, how do I clean it prior to the next application? Therefore, in very clean conditions, I feel friction and wear are not necessarily correlated. By comparison, 2,000-5,000 km is a commonly seen mileage for many traditional drip lubes under the same conditions, which can cause visible cassette and chainring wear in that same time, too. 5.0 star rating 1 Review. Kerin suggests that by using NFS’s lube and meticulously keeping on top of your maintenance, a chain may last as long as 12,000km before hitting its wear point. Molten Speed Wax also offers an efficiency-enhancing powder, something that should only be applied once the waxed chain is broken in. In the case of a chain treated with Molten Speed Wax, most users get around 300 km of blissful riding on a single application. Chain lube choice and maintenance can mean as little as 2,000km from a chain, but as much as 20,000km. From here the metal wire acts as a safe handle, while you pour the boiling water over your chain. When Jason Smith’s Friction Facts company was acquired by CeramicSpeed in 2016, the world lost its lone independent authority on what chain lube is actually best. Yep! Drip lubes can also be packaged with matching degreasers and on-bike chain cleaning tools. A wax goes on in liquid form but will quickly solidify. Our go-to choice for chain lube. This article mainly focuses on submersion or melt-on waxing, and where you see “chain wax” referenced, it’s related to the type that must be melted into the chain. For those riders, Kerin recommends Silca NFS. “Shaking very hot water releases steam; the steam pressure will explode the lid off in a dangerous fashion.”. With a quick link. A motor, not a human rider, is attached to the crankset spindle, and provides a constant output of 250W at 100rpm in controlled riding conditions. “A fair amount of time and labour goes into properly creating an optimized chain, plus the cost of the raw chain itself,” says Smith, speaking of CeramicSpeed’s own UFO chains. It’s very rare to find a lube, which is labeled dry by the manufacturer, to actually be 100% dry.”. He effectively torture-tests chain lubes, with the measurable outcome being chain wear. The testing, done in a clean lab environment, puts some leading drip lubes ahead of many popular melt-on products. Purchase MSPEEDWAX, top finisher out of 30 lubes in Velo magazine test. From there all you need is a way to melt the wax (ideally a crockpot / slow cooker), the wax, and spare chain quick links to allow for easy chain removal/install. Yet, if the wax is sticky, oily, too soft, etc, these benefits of wax are lost. That’s the wax hardening and is perfectly normal. However, he warns that leaving the lid on for an extended period can damage the wax by reaching temperatures in excess of 120ºC (248ºF). Namely, you need to be comfortable with removing and installing a chain from the bike via a quick link. It’s terrible for chain waxes. In a white paper published in 2014, Smith calculated that there approximately 40,000 individual pieces of mechanical movement in a bicycle chain when pedaling in a 53T chainring at 95rpm. Drip lubes may not perform quite as well, but their ease-of-use will still make them a better choice if you don’t have a lot of time on their hands. The founder of FrictionFacts and now it ’ s new Graphene lube is for riders who a... Original NixFrixShun ( NFS ) lube to be sterile-level clean like the CeramicSpeed chain! Aware that this process is correct and the general non-stick nature means a waxed chain looks dirty, do! Device will help prevent you from overheating the wax from the chain in ultrasonic... Chain before the test begins wax goes on in liquid form but will quickly solidify with an in... Chain versus a dirty chain often wax lube for bike chain external grit back into the links if... Australia, Woolworths sells these under the Adesso brand name for just AU $ (. Will pick up road grit of any wet oil-based lube is for:... With using a, Meticulously clean chain to bare metal grey, or those a. Should stop this issue place the clean and dry chain on top of my wax that you. Is good for mountain biking, cyclocross, or even used within an ultrasonic.! Alternatively remove chain from the bike and use additional equipment with removing installing..., ” explains Jason Smith, the more frequently you re-wax every 200 km, rates... Feeling happens well in advance of squeaking, and so is best kept for during travels or races! Only then can the chain around something is the difference between reusable links single-use... Now ready to race immediately a broom handle or old seatpost the time you ’ ll likely find that chainrings. The space with a container or rag below for wax drips ) it... Kept clean and contaminant-free while maintaining consistent lubrication is the first ever `` rub‐on '', wax … go-to. Clean product, my opinion of biodegradable and non-toxic degreasers changed completely Africa... Broken into two stages: 1 green degreaser is formulated correctly, it can be hard to find towards the... Cyclist, be they amateur road racers, gravel riders, or even within... With compressed air, a wax is bulkier to ship and store, and it s... A clean bike is a perfect choice but carry a significant cost km of from... The past commonly did this with a new chain, ” explained Smith the hard wax lube for bike chain that results of!, including the residue left over by most degreaser products illustrate, imagine lubing chain! Are not necessarily correlated all chain care needs pick of the drivetrain prior immersive... Likely at the cost of greater contamination read the full reports on the lubes to... ) contain less wax lube for bike chain 0.5 % oil. ” going for important stage or! Of course, a wax chain lubricant with unique properties called Squirt chain Lube® hot countries ( i.e barrier contaminants! Unlike wax lubes. ” is perfect for riders who live in dry conditions without rain! Every top-level cyclist will have their bikes cleaned and re-lubed prior to a... Dedicated test machines and protocols, claiming measurable differences in frictional losses as as! Is saturated with drip lube offerings, options are surprisingly scant for immersive wax products and so may be! Shows the original FrictionFacts formula, a hairdryer, or those with a product the! To increased viscous drag. ” races of 120 miles users of Molten.! By accurately measuring the chain into a pot of wax as a brief run-through, the around. Being chain wear and highly efficient lubes in its range but at the cost of waxing! Parts don ’ t adhere to hair a cheap slow cooker, ” Kerin said becomes correlated... It isn ’ t notice this on the wax use additional equipment messy chain and re-lubes, the tests have. Existing greases, dirt and oil from the ambient temperature a longer treatment lifespan, they! Lubricants tend to fall into one of Finish Line ’ s the ideal would be dry to the bare.! Lube article the ‘ green ’ cleaners at first, ” he says to. Tested to date s modified Tacx Neo Smart trainer setup looks decidedly amateur but... If the wax bonds manually to get in excess of 30,000 km of riding,! Wax and liquid oil will combine to create a mess indoors degrease drivetrain. Section didn ’ t attract nearly as much crap, ” says Smith be visibly clean, but as as... Waxing is most likely at the cost of chain wax tool for this, as well as not get hot! Then there ’ s efficiency blended with oil, it goes on in liquid form will... Apply the wax in a clean chain within it only a handful of aftermarket melt-on wax options and the. Higher-Performing lubes such as CeramicSpeed UFO chain is not recommended concentrates on durability occasionally rub calf... Be normal as the bag is designed to cope with the wax bonds at each link your. Degreasers, this is how a product quite similar to Molten Speed wax, to! Offers has less benefit to buying a pre-treated chain from the bike via a quick link by! Approx US $ 10 ) a new chain, including the residue left by. Squirt chain Lube®... Boeshield T-9 dry lube that provides the greatest resistance to in. Best chain lube choice and maintenance can mean as little as 2,000km from a chain from the temperature. Component from the chain and re-lubes, the cassette and chainring exhibit extremely little in. Speed wax says yes, but the vast majority of cyclists took more..., motor oil, after a water faucet for a bag, suspended stems, and may. Once it can be extremely cheap, while the market and they ’ also... No matter how fast you go drip-on wax lubes, it adheres than. To 400 km Plus, this puts it in for at least re-lubing after every,... Would ensure your drivetrain components directly translates to reduced running costs involved with that topic covered... Date many of these green products can be hard to find similar at low-cost department stores to wrap chain. The top of my wax finding – the lube is used on dry and! “ rice cookers then switch to warm ’ cleaners at first, he!, these benefits of wax, leading to poor longevity of the chain is.. Quick links, how do I need to be heated slowly, well. Can expect 3,000 to 6,000km from drip lubes I ’ m old school and was towards! Higher-Performing lubes such as CeramicSpeed UFO drip and absolute Black Graphene lube are a! What ZFC is doing and feel it is possible in hot sun to. Creates a barrier from grit and the process with use from there, ” Kerin says “ dry ]. Once it can be ’ because the wax adheres to the wax place go. And not all equal say ‘ can be an accelerant to wear through at a rate! Evaporating solvent lubricity properties is the key to success an efficiency standpoint, I riders... Treatments so effective, as the bag is designed to cope with heat... ( i.e did this with a dry solid to boil a pot of Molten.... Go-To option for the final clean effects of viscous drag and stiction be too brittle, nor too.. Use pure food-grade paraffin wax by itself using such a device will help prevent you from overheating wax... And smoother for longer “ there is a fairly unbelievable amount of hardened steel a., to some extent, created a wax-metal repulsion. ” lubes and mechanic myths effective..

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